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  • Nucleic Acid Isolation System
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Nucleic Acid Isolation System

EXM 3000

Nucleic acid isolation system EXM3000 can be widelyused in scientific research, clinical diagnosis, diseasecontrol and prevention, food safety detection, forensicscience and other fields. With the matching reagents kitof Zybio, it can quickly extract nucleic acids in differentsamples such as whole blood, serum, plasma, throatswabs, secretions, exfoliated cells, urine, sputum, stooland FFPE tissue. The nucleic acid extraction of 32samples can be completed in 9 minutes, which cansignificantly shorten the whole PCR detection time.


Intelligent and Efficient

  The software reminds whether the magnetic sleeve is inserted correctly to ensure that the magneticrod is not contaminated

  Alarm reminder for abnormal failure


Easy Operation

  8.4 inch HD touch screen

  Contains 5 sets of preset programs to meet the needs of basic programs

  With prefilled reagent kit to reduce the operation process and time



The isolation system uses the magnet on the experiment cabin to move the magnetic beads adsorbed with nucleic acid to differentreagent wells, quickly and repeatedly stir the liquid using the magnetic sleeve to make the magnetic beads and liquid evenly mixed. After lysis, nucleic acid adsorption, magnetic beads transfer, wash and elution, high-purity nucleic acid product are finally obtained. Theextracted and purified nucleic acid can be used in the following PCR amplification detection and construction of second generationsequencing library.


Working principle Magnetic bead method
Throughput 1-32
Process volume 30 pL—1000 pL
Number of magnetic rod 32
Recovery rate 98%
Stability CV 3%
Lysis temperature RT~105°C
Elution temperature RT~105°C
Temperature precision ±1°C
Mixing mode Multi-mode and multi-speed adjustable
Operation interface 8.4 inch touch screen
Program storage capacity 500
Program management New, edit, save as, delete; support shortcut program
Connectivity Standard USB, ethemet
Pollution control UV light
Exhaust way By fan
Filtration HEPA Filter
Data storage Available, built-in SD card
Max. input power 500VA
Dimensions(L’W‘H) 375mnT415mm’440mm
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